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🍁 The Ridget Spinner: Fall 2021

Fall is here, and so is our Fall Ridget Spinner.

New investments. A flurry of follow-on financings. Early-stage startup wisdom. Our latest Spinner is teeming with Autumnal awesomeness — it’s almost too gourd to be true!

Grab your apple cider and candy corn, loop-de-loop that Burberry scarf. It’s time to cozy up to our Q3 recap that’s all treats and no tricks.

Lightyear & Aircover Join The Ridge Familia

Say hello to our newest comrades: Lightyear and Aircover!

Lightyear is the cure for telecom procurement, bringing a Kayak-like approach to how companies shop for telecom services. We led its $13M Series A.

Co-founded by Forbes 30-Under-30er Andrew Levy — whose previous company was acquired by VMware — Aircover provides in-meeting sales intelligence and helps quota-pounders make extra cheese.

In other Ridge Familia news, Chubbies was acquired by Solo Stove. Congrats on the exit, Chubbies!

Ridge has more deals right around the corner — stay tuned.

It’s a Follow-On Fiesta!

Q3 at Ridge, otherwise known as “Follow-On-Palooza.” Let’s save you time and bullet this out:

Ridge Runs the Inc. 5K

Ridge was well represented in this year’s Inc. 5000.

Bolt, the checkout-expediting powerhouse, made its debut on the list and landed all the way at #64.

AI platform Sama, which trains data for Walmart, Google, and NVIDIA (to name a few), made the list for the second straight year.

And, making its first Inc. 5000 appearance, is Zipline: the go-to operations platform for brick-and-mortar stores.

Yousuf Khan: Sweater Vest Influencer, Startup Whisperer

Our favorite sweatervested investor continues to crank out thought leadership like a startup Confucius.

Yousuf’s early-stage how-to posts on LinkedIn keep coming. He also published another Extra Crunch article on pricing best practices.

If audio is your jam, catch Yousuf’s dulcet tones on the CIO Classified podcast as he breaks down the CIO transition process.

“I Want to Thank the Academy…”

The Emmy Awards have nothing on The Ridgee Awards.

Braze went all out, grabbing a spot on the Forbes Cloud 100 — for the fourth consecutive year — and Fortune’s Best Medium Workplaces list.

F5 sashayed down the red carpet after Microsoft named the company its Commercial Marketplace Partner of the Year.

Elsewhere, Habu took home the “Best Privacy Preserving Data Solution” honor at Adweek’s Best of Tech Partner Awards; and Trifacta’s data engineering cloud nabbed a SaaS Award from Datanami.

InCountry Makes History, Minted Makes Upholstery

InCountry touched down in another country, and a fairly big one at that.

To Russia (with love) goes InCountry’s data-residency-as-a-service platform, thanks to a partnership with Russia’s largest domestic cloud provider. InCountry users can now be fully compliant with Russia’s data privacy laws.

Meanwhile, Minted teamed up with West Elm to drop a furniture line that features designs from Minted artists across the globe. Now you can nap in style!

Cliff Notes

⛰️ The WSJ tapped SafeGraph for a story on the Delta Variant.

⛰️⛰️ Bolt Founder/CEO Ryan Breslow earned praise from Ernst & Young.

⛰️⛰️⛰️ Ketch CEO Tom Chavez penned a FastCo byline on fighting the tech giants.

The Home Stretch

That’s the end of our pumpkin maze. Look out for our Ridge Rewind in December when we put the bow on another year in the venture business.

Have a wonderful Q4, friends!



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