A colder weather for the better

The weather went for a bit of a change up here in Stockholm and this cold wave was really appreciated for everybody into snow sports. There was a bit of snowfall during the last few days but nothing that would make a big difference on the slopes but at least it guaranteed some colder weather and some nice views on the streets.

Snowboarders heading to Hammarbybacken on a snowy sunny day.

The best thing that comes from the colder weather is that the snow gets fresh for longer times. You can notice it by the way the snow look and feels under your board. No big icy rocks but, instead, a very consistent sand-like feeling, a pack of snow that dissolves like sand when blown.

Comparing to the last icy day, the snow look and feels way different this time. You can notice by the way it packs on top of the snowboard, like chunks of powder.
A closer inspection shows the flaky nature of the snow. Perfect conditions!

With these good conditions on, I decided to push the turning game a bit further. After warming up, going down a few times just playing safe, it was time to start trying to make turns on the other parts of the track that I didn’t tried before because of their steepness or just because of their location. But I didn’t went for it all the time. Every time the piste got less crowded and I find some empty gaps, I would go for it. Since I would be prone to fall (and I fell quite a few times), I didn’t want to fall on front of somebody else going down and get them running over me or having to divert or maybe creating a bigger accident.

The end result is that now I managed to sharpen my turns and make them quicker, since on the more steep areas it is not possible to leave the board facing down for too long or else the speed increase would be huge. So, it was a good day of progression and a really nice way of enjoying a very sunny and cold day at the slope.

A sunny view from the top of Hammarbybacken.

How is your ride progressing? Any parts of it that still gives you some sort of difficulty? Leave your thoughts on the comments below.

Cheers and have a good ride!

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