Heading for a second try, but before that…

As you could notice on my previous post, my first time on top of a snowboard was pretty disappointing. No control, no technique, no idea of what to do, literally no fun. It really felt like a complete waste of time, but I still wanted to give it a try. So, after searching around for some cheap flights and places to stay, me and one of my friends managed to book a new snowboard trip. But before that, I thought it would be reasonable to learn a bit more about “how to snowboard” even before getting to the mountain. How? Well, here comes YouTube to the rescue!

It is not hard to think that YouTube might have tons and tons of information about any topic you want nowadays and, while searching on YouTube, it is easy to get flooded with results of people making tutorial videos, progressing videos, review videos and so on. With so many options to choose from, it took me a while to find exactly what I was looking for. Some people appears to have great abilities but lack the teaching skills. Others, appears to break the topic into such small pieces that a single video seemed like watching an endless movie, losing my focus and attention after a few minutes. Everything in between is where the gold lies.

For this article, I would like to show you the top two that helped me the most:

One of the many snowboard video tutorials I found on YouTube during that period.

I found this video from SnowboardAcademy on the middle of the list of the results dropped by YouTube and at first it seemed a bit odd because of its quality and sound but, in the long run, it was a great tutorial video. I specially appreciate the parts teaching how to learn in pairs, with one person helping the other, that is not usually covered by other video tutorials (believe me, that helped me A LOT to get the feeling of it). It is a bit longer than most of the tutorial videos but it covers the topic really well and I really recommend it.

SnowboardProCamp has the best snowboard learning videos I found on YouTube.

When I stumbled upon the videos from the SnowboardProCamp YouTube channel, I got hooked. His videos goes from the very basics of snowboarding to intermediate levels, general tips, tricks tutorials, gear reviews, exercises and the good Q&A section where he answers some of the questions that people send through the comments section. This video up here shows some of the very basics that you should get familiar with when starting riding. It covers the same subject as the previous video but the learning experience is better. You can check all of the other videos on his channel so you can progress even more on your skills. Also, it is good to see an experienced rider around my age riding like that so I can think that there is still hope for me! I’m subscribed to this channel and I would definitely recommend you to do so too.

Have you ever learned something from watching YouTube videos? Do you have any videos to share? Let me know in the comments.

Cheers and have a good ride!