YouTube: Ryan Knapton

If you think you have a good board control, you should think again after watching this guy’s moves. Ryan Knapton has some amazing skills that will make you feel hypnotised by the screen while watching him ride down the slope.

Every now and then I look for some YouTube snowboarding videos for learning new tricks and also for inspiration. While searching for carving techniques, I stumbled across Ryan’s channel on the series about “How to really really really carve a snowboard”. From that video, I ended up being a subscriber of his channel, where I can find videos about board setups, riding tutorials, fun material and just some enjoyable days on the snow.

Ryan on his mockumentary about the man who wanted to “side slip” the whole world. You can watch it here.

And that’s the thing that drives me to Ryan’s channel: the way he enjoys the whole piste while riding it! I never understood those people that want to ride as fast as possible to get to the end of the track, prone to accidents with people riding below them. Why not to take your time and appreciate the view and the sport while doing it? And on his videos, you can get exactly that. They are so fluid that it feels almost like a dance with the elements.

Ryan Knapton and his amazing carving techniques.

Well, instead of just reading me writing about it, I recommend you to just press play on the video below. Then, you can go to his YouTube channel for more videos like this by clicking here.

What did you think about Ryan’s videos? Do you have any good snowboarding YouTubers that you follow? Share your recommendations on the comments section below.

Cheers and have a good ride!

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