Tips on how to use Ridline when creating your tech rider

To take everything out of what Ridline has to offer you, we have listed a few tips to keep in mind when filling out your tech riders.

1.Make sure you start by adding members and assigning instruments to them — all of your added information will automatically appear in the input table and stage plan view, making it a lot faster for you to fill out your rider.

Band member with assigned instrument in a tech rider

2. Inserting new rows in the input list — You can also add rows by hovering in between two rows until a green bar appears. Click on the green bar or the button “insert row” to insert rows.

Inserting tech rider rows

3.Inserting monitors — Create a monitor by choosing “+” and giving it a type — either “wedge” or “in-ear monitor”. After creating your monitors, they will automatically appear on in stage plan menu. Just drag them onto your stage plan.

Inserting monitors for your tech rider

3.Let the organizer know what you need in your input list view — Input list has two different views. Make sure you also go to the input list view and select everything that needs to be ordered for you.

Input list view of the tech rider

4.Add custom icons on the stage plan — By double tapping on the stage plan, you can add and name custom icons.

Double tap on the stage plan to add custom icons

5.Sharing your rider — Go to your rider heading and click on “private”. From there you can share out your rider by making it either 1) “public”, 2) shareable (by allowing “link sharing”) or “private (only you can see the rider).

Share your rider with your band or crew memers

If you need any other help then reach out to us by writing on our email —