Forest 1.1 Update Released

We are excited to share some significant Forest updates, announce our Forest user Slack channel, and invite you to our next Quantum Computing Meetup.

Company news:

  • We are excited to add a Slack channel for our Forest users! If you are interested in joining the channel, click the link here.
  • We recently announced a now-active collaboration with Creative Destruction Lab to help build quantum machine learning algorithms and applications using Forest.
  • We published a comment article in Nature on “smart software” for the first quantum computers.
  • We’re hiring! See our careers page on our website to learn more.
  • Our next Bay Area Quantum Computing Meetup will be November 2nd, hosted at the Bloomberg Technology Hub in San Francisco! Fill out the Google Form on the Meetup page to register.

New Features on Forest:

New quantum algorithm examples in grove:

Releasing our reference-qvm:

  • Reference-qvm is an open source Python package designed to simulate a subset of Quil code. You can use it to run Quil programs locally, in order to learn more about quantum virtual machines, and to develop and add new QVM features.

Releasing our OQaml Quantum Abstract Machine:

  • OQaml is an OCaml-based implementation of a Quantum Abstract Machine, supporting a subset of Quil instructions. It is intended to highlight the mathematical and functional aspects of programming a quantum computer.

We hope to see you on our new Slack channel, or at our November 2nd Meetup.