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Quantum Cloud Services opens in public beta

By Betsy Masiello, VP Product

We’re thrilled to open Rigetti Quantum Cloud Services (QCS™) to public beta today. The QCS platform introduces an entirely new access model for quantum programming that is centered on an integrated cloud architecture. Our tightly coupled quantum and classical resources unlock performance gains that enable programs to run as much as 30x faster than on web API models.

Once registered, users have access to their own dedicated Quantum Machine Image, which comes preloaded with all the tools necessary to get started building quantum programs, including pyQuil and our quantum simulator. We’re also deploying two Aspen QPUs to the QCS platform, which users can book with an online reservation system available on the new QCS web dashboard. Beta users will receive $5,000 in credits to use toward running programs on the QPU during their first month.

QCS Developer Partner applications

Today we’re not only opening up access to QCS, we’re also distributing the first set of applications built by our Developer Partners:

  • QCompress: This application from Zapata Computing provides a tool for compressing quantum data to boost the optimization of variational quantum algorithms.
  • QClassify: Also from Zapata, this tool uses quantum states to facilitate classification, which allows you to train a variational quantum circuit for classification of data points using a labeled set of training data.
  • QuantumFreeze: Safely navigate your penguin across a frozen lake avoiding the hidden holes! You can make classical moves from one square to the next, or you can make a quantum move by splitting your penguin into a superposition of states.
  • Quantum Feature Detector: This Python library from QxBranch provides a configurable class of quantum machine learning functions. It has a simple interface for using quantum transformations, or circuits, to detect features in data as part of a machine learning application stack.

QCS Research Partners

More than 30 leading scientists from around the world have signed on as QCS Research Partners. Their work ranges from characterizing and benchmarking quantum hardware to computational research across biology, chemistry, and machine learning. We believe the quantum ecosystem will flourish by working in the open. To that end, our research partners are encouraged not only to publish their results but to share their data and code and open-source the tools and libraries they create on the QCS platform.

QCS is the only integrated, quantum-first cloud platform broadly available to users today. The application-layer performance achieved with QCS enables faster development cycles, accelerating our march toward quantum advantage.




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