That’s Enough “Pride”

We’ve Taken “Pride” Far Enough

It’s National Pride Month, thanks to a pandering proclamation by President Obama in 2009, and every website — all websites — are celebrating by turning their logo into the Pride flag. Our dearest Medium is no exception.

I submit to you, dear reader, that Pride is no longer necessary should not exist.

You are not special, even in The Age of Trump™

Pride Month, and everything that comes with it, is less necessary than ever. Yes, even now that we are all collectively hallucinating a fascist takeover of the United States. This hysterical, nation-wide hallucination is especially potent among those who would call themselves allies to LGBT people, and it manifests in extremely public ways.

The Pride movement was started for a few reasons:

  1. LGBT people exist and will continue
  2. If LGBT people were “out,” things would be better, so they shouldn’t be closeted, because:
  3. There are LGBT people in your life, even if you don’t realize it

None of these are necessary anymore We all know gays exist, and even the grumpiest homophobes have learned to deal with the gays in their life. The state of being “out” as an LGBT person no longer has the negative consequences it once did. If someone wants to be “out and proud,” that’s up to them. Maybe some LGBT people would prefer to keep their private lives private. I’m straight, and I don’t especially care for conversations about my own sexuality. Call me crazy, but I like privacy for my private life. Besides, everyone knows (and I would argue, always did know) when someone in their life is gay. Talk to any soldier or marine or sailor about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. They weren’t allowed to talk about it, but everyone still knew when one of their brothers was gay, and none of them cared.

The best thing LGBT people can do for public perception right now is to shun and disavow the Pride movement

I do not understand the direction that Pride has taken. If LGBT people want to be taken seriously and fit in, why would they be a part of a movement that wants them to stand out and remain apart?

If you don’t want people to view you as degenerate, don’t march down a public street fully naked. That is, however, the point whole of the more extreme displays at Pride events: be as crass or outlandish as possible and see if anyone dares say something about it.

The Emperor has no clothes, and this time we are all meant to KNOW he is naked, but we’re still not allowed to say anything, lest we be though of as fools.

If you want to be seen as a necessary part of society, stop purposely separating yourself. If you want to be taken seriously, stop having parades centered around your private life and start integrating into your community.

If you want to prove wrong the people who say “gays just want special treatment,” stop demanding special treatment.