Portfolio Update — Feb 2021

Up 65% in the first six weeks of 2021. Adjustments have I made.


Around six weeks ago, on Dec 31, 2020 I published my portfolio breakdown for the world to see. Perhaps 10 people read it the first month, but in the last two weeks interest has exploded! I might make enough Medium $$$ to buy a cup of coffee! Yesterday I made some significant adjustments to my portfolio, so it seems like a good time to put out an update.

Up 65% Year to Date

I am up an astonishing 65% since Jan 1, 2021, in six to seven weeks. Honestly, I am still in a bit of disbelief, maybe even shock. I expected 2021 to be good, but not this quickly. This has been driven off the strength of my major positions, ADCORE (ADCO.v), Urbanimmersive (UI.v), Clearpoint (CLPT) and to a small extent Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC).

ADCORE rallied hard and doubled as new investors became aware of the story. Urbanimmersive rallied hard and doubled when competitor Matterhorn announced an IPO at 25.6X revenue. Clearpoint continues upward as does Bitcoin which I own through GBTC.

The Feb 2021 Portfolio

I removed positions under 0.5% for brevity.

What is New?

Yesterday I added a huge position in Greenbox POS (GBOX). It currently trades around $14 a share and my target is $40 for 2021. Read my article at the link above for details. I sold 10% to 20% of ADCOF, CLPT, UBMRF and GBTC to raise the funds to do that.

I remain bullish on my major positions.


I still believe this can trade at $5 a share in 2021. I project revenue of $18M USD and if we gave it a 15X EV / revenue multiple that puts the target at $270M enterprise value. That is roughly $5 a share on the 56M shares outstanding.

Greenbox POS (GBOX)

I have very strong confidence GBOX will hit $40 in 2021. They are executing on every metric and we are about to start seeing big numbers from them as their Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 reports come out in the next three months. I expect a flurry of partnerships and announcements in the next few months as well.

Bitcoin via Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC)

I’m bullish on Bitcoin for reasons articulated off the back of a napkin in “It is time to buy Bitcoin”. I believe Bitcoin will at minimum double in 2021 to $100,000 per Bitcoin from today’s $51,000 per Bitcoin. This will happen as brokerages and banks start buying in earnest and there is a serious FOMO (fear of missing out) effect.

Clearpoint (CLPT)

Clearpoint is a $1B+ company selling for $275Mish. They have 30+ partnerships with drug companies and some of these can 5X their revenue. I’m going to sound like an idiot trying to explain it today, so I will leave you to your own research on it if you are interested. Target $100+.

Urbanimmersive (UBMRF / UI.v)

If Urbanimmersive was valued the way Matterhorn will be at IPO, it would be trading at $0.80 USD a share instead of $0.16 USD. They were growing strongly in Q4 of 2020. Growth has slowed in Q1 via their gross monthly platform volume. I really just need them to deliver growth. There is 5X potential. I’m going to hold most of this position for several more months to see if they can start delivering growth at the 30%+ YoY level again.


Thank you for checking up on me. Maybe you will get an investment idea or two that jives with your personal story. Happy investing!



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