To Further its Mission of Connecting the Next Billion, RightMesh™ Opens Applications to Developers for Public Beta Mesh Networking Protocol

RightMesh opens applications for its public beta SDK for developers to retrofit and build applications on the mesh network

RightMesh is now accepting applications from Android software developers for its public beta SDK, used to retrofit existing applications and build new applications on the RightMesh platform. In encouraging developers to enable their applications for its mesh network, RightMesh accelerates its mission to connect the next 1 billion people who currently lack direct Internet access.

The United Nations deems Internet connectivity to be a basic human right due to the social and economic benefits afforded to those who have access, yet there are currently 4 billion people in the world who lack connectivity. RightMesh intends to bridge that gap by connecting users directly over free, fast, unlicensed spectrum without the complete reliance on middlemen such as ISPs and telecom providers. By integrating its mesh technology with the blockchain and a cryptocurrency token, RightMesh will create a new generation of digital entrepreneurs who are able to sell their connectivity, on-device storage, processing power, sensor information, or any digital content they create. Moreover, a single user with resources will be empowered to become a personal ISP and sell their connectivity to other mesh users automatically, using smart contracts.

Rightmesh intends to introduce a utility token for use within the mesh network and is considering a Token Generation Event.

Given support by multinational parent company,, RightMesh is able to not only invest in top developer talent but also engage the tech community and educate the public about its mission to connect the next 1 billion people. Coinciding with the announcement that developer applications are open, RightMesh team members are involved in a multitude of global blockchain industry events, including key speaking engagements and strategic partnerships at India Blockchain Week in Mumbai, Blockchain Middle East Forum in Dubai, Blockchain Solutions Forum in Barcelona, and the World Blockchain Forum in London.

“A lack of Internet connectivity is a global issue with global repercussions, so we are providing a global solution,” said Co-founder and CEO John Lyotier on this concurrent launch announcement from 4 continents. By the year 2020, consumption in emerging market countries will have doubled to $24 trillion and global advertising spend to reach emerging market consumers will be $330 billion, creating new opportunities for application developers and marketers.

The SDK allows applications to be downloaded, used, and shared even when smartphones are not connected to the Internet, providing early adopters with the means to connect with billions of previously unreachable users.

The kit will only be made available to a limited number of developers so that RightMesh can provide dedicated support to each developer in the beta stage. If you are a developer and interested in building or retrofitting your app onto the RightMesh platform, please submit an application on the developer’s portal available via

A lack of Internet connectivity is a global issue with global repercussions, so we are providing a global solution.

For media inquiries, or to schedule an interview, please contact Nikki Brown at Melrose PR: nikki(at)melrosepr(dot)com or call (310) 260–7901.

Originally published at on September 27, 2017.

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