What Skillsets Do B2B Marketers Need to Have?

Right Percent
Jun 13, 2019 · 2 min read

Modern marketers need to be skilled with a variety of tools to do their jobs effectively. This is especially true with B2B marketing, where the funnel and attribution methods are more complex.

Here’s our list of the most important technical skillsets for B2B marketers:

Facebook or Adwords Ads Managers

This one is pretty obvious. All account managers have to be deeply technically skilled with either the Facebook or Adwords ad managers. You can’t create or optimize Facebook or Adwords campaigns without knowing the ad manager like the back of your hand.

This includes people in management or strategy roles. You can’t make effective strategy with second hand information — everyone has to get their hands dirty in the weeds of client ad accounts.

Microsoft Excel

B2B marketers have to be able to take raw data and manipulate it into actionable insights. There’s no better way to do this than in Microsoft Excel. Core functionalities that marketers will use every week include:

  1. Finding important averages in the data and creating graphs to show trends and patterns.
  2. Splitting data into vintages to best account for ROI from ad spend.
  3. Creating pivot tables to better show performance by category, type of ad, etc.
  4. Use VLOOKUP or Index Match to help attribute top of funnel leads to bottom of funnel conversions, especially in long sales cycles.


While graphic designers have their place, all Right Percent marketers must be able to do basic Photoshop ad creation. This usually means at a minimum:

  1. Selecting the right raw image from stock photo sites or pre-existing client assets.
  2. Being able to overlay text in the client’s font on top of the image and add opaque backgrounds to the text to ensure visibility.

This is very simple work, but being able to create ads on the fly without waiting for a back and forth email chain with a graphic designer greatly increases the efficiency of the account and the productivity of the account manager.


Zapier is the ultimate middle-man of the internet. It lets you connect APIs from various sources to each other. By far the most common connection is Facebook Lead Ads -> The Client CRM, but there are countless others.

Expertise with these four tools means a marketer is ready to handle most challenges an ad account can throw at them.

Right Percent

Right Percent helps scale B2B businesses with paid advertising on Facebook and Google.

Right Percent

Written by

Co-Founder at Right Percent. We scale B2B companies with paid advertising on FB and Google.

Right Percent

Right Percent helps scale B2B businesses with paid advertising on Facebook and Google.

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