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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Using RightsLedger

Most of us have come to accept a degree of inherent unfairness in the world and on the internet. We don’t push back against the strictures we run into on a daily basis because we have come to believe that doing so is futile. In other words, the rights we give away in our lives, real and digital, are best not thought about because to do so it to concede that we’ve given away too much already. We tell ourselves that the loss of rights and the invasion of privacy is the cost of living in 2018, which is to say living online.

But the loss of rights doesn’t have to be permanent or irreversible. We only need to reassert the necessity of ownership and privacy over what we post online, and adjust to not concede those points by default. We might not be able to change the way that the internet or the monolithic companies that populate it operate, but we can approach it differently to improve what we get from our interactions and transactions.

One of the few creative acts almost all of us share in common is developing content. We’re all recording photos and videos on a scale from rank amateur to independent professional, yet we’re immediately feeding what we’ve made into the gaping maw of Facebook or YouTube to only fuel their further growth. We must reconsider our relationship to social media to not give all of our value, and our control of content, to companies that can only offer the continued ability to make money for themselves. With RightsLedger, users have the ability to control the work they create and share online. Here’s how RightsLedger is empowering creators:

Own what you make. Social media gives us connection to the world at our fingertips. Yet, in return it demands the rights to what you post to further profit from you and every other user whose content drives their platform’s value. RightsLedger users upload and authenticate their work to the blockchain, providing an immutable record of ownership that emboldens creators to take their work out into the world without worrying about losing their rights to corporations.

Make what you deserve. Content creators are at the mercy of existing social media channels and other content-sharing platforms to share their work with a mass audience. And, as such, these platforms can heavily titl the terms for advertising revenue sharing in their favor, leaving creators with no way to make a decent return upon their output and no viable alternatives. RightsLedger allows creators set the terms for distribution and compensation with smart contracts that make the process easy, quick, and transparent.

Build a loyal global audience. For independent creators, growing a fan base requires a reciprocal relationship between artist and audience that enables feedback and interaction and rewards both parties for participating. Existing social media platforms don’t allow for artists to develop a relationship with their followers. In turn that does not permit them to offer value beyond the exchange of content for views nor subscriptions that translate to advertisements. With RightsLedger, creators and consumers can take part in a rewards-based ecosystem that allows both to benefit for their loyal patronage.

Trying to live your life and conduct your business online can feel like dozens of small concessions to bigger powers made on a daily basis. Changing our relationship to the bodies that facilitate and control our internet transactions requires small steps, and taking back the control of our content with RightsLedger is a strong first step in the right direction.

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