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A Simple Way to Monetize Your Content

Much of what we do online we do because it has been made easy. Our phones, tablets and laptops guide us through apps or simple searches to the most popular websites and platforms, which have been optimized for ease of use and engagement by teams of engineers based upon mountains of data and research. Sharing stories and pictures require only a couple of clicks or taps, and a few scrolls allow you to see more and more new content tailored exactly to your tastes. We share our content online because we want other people to see it, but we continue to share it because the entire process has been streamlined to make it as simple as possible to do so.

Monetizing your content is anything but simple. Creators looking to earn some return on what they’ve made have to go through a process that requires meeting a set of stringent and often arbitrary standards. That process requires building an audience over months and years before the possibility of revenue is available, and even when you’ve achieved the necessary markers, the system remains controlled by the platforms, making them subject to change at the whim of a third party that is determining the value of what you create and the audience you’ve built.

Creators need the ability to set their own value for their work, and all creators should be valued and rewarded for contributing to an ecosystem of content regardless of how many followers or subscribers they have. Thus far the control and the determination of value has lie with those who provide the medium for creators, rather than the creators themselves. Creators and consumers need to be able to reward and support each other without having a third party set the terms and keep the majority of the revenue.

With an eye to the future, RightsLedger is building a new social media solution aimed at giving power back to creators and making it easy for them to monetize their work. RightsLedger’s applications focus on simplicity in a complex industry to empower small creators to achieve success. By uploading their work, users will have the opportunity to earn daily rewards and the chance to build an audience and monetize their work on their own terms. Without the crushing demands of meeting standards for monetization, creators are free to make what they want, at their own pace.

RightsLedger is making the creative process as simple as it should be.

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