Creating a Shared Economy to Benefit All

We are more aware than ever of winners and losers, the powerful and powerless, in how our economy is shaped. Where content is concerned, most of us are aware of how little power we actually possess within the larger scheme. Our recourse against theft or censorship or demonetization is only to appeal to the powers that create the conditions that allow these problems to thrive, and don’t particularly concern themselves with the plight of individual users, or even users en masse.

We recognize the lack of fairness in our current situation, and however else we might differ in our beliefs, we generally adhere to notions of equity in how we believe business should conduct themselves. That we allow such unfair conditions to continue is less acceptance than recognition of our inability to change our relationship to the entities where we share our content. Changing the massive content sharing platforms we all use requires huge collective action, and as individuals, we feel powerless to even hope to push back against brands that are so entrenched in our lives, for good or ill.

What’s required, what we need, is a new way of sharing what we create, a content economy where benefits, opportunity ,and power are fairly and evenly distributed will serve to benefit all. As the power dynamics shift, the content industry will be forced to create new solutions that meet the demands of the masses. What sounds like a revolutionary idea — the notion that creators should be entitled to profit from the work they create — should be anything but, and RightsLedger is working to make that idea a reality.

RightsLedger can bring about a shift in how we create and distribute our content. Creators are empowered to distribute their work on their own terms and are able to definitively claim ownership of what they create. They have access to a truly global marketplace to license their work anywhere in the world, without the need for third parties. And unlike other platforms, RightsLedger has an inclusive, rewards-based economy that encourages participation by sharing in the accrued benefits with daily rewards.

We deserve a way to share our work while being rewarded instead of exploited, and RightsLedger is offering creators that better alternative.

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