Photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash

Creators Need Protection For Their Content

Protecting yourself online can feel like a difficult and largely futile proposition.There are so many bad things that can happen and an equal number of people willing to do those things that it feels inevitable that something will befall you eventually. Most of us alternate between waking up and hoping we haven’t been made a victim of this all-too-common problem and burying our head in the sand, hoping that it will pass us by.

Never does that feel more relevant than when it comes to our online content. So numerous are the cases of people having their work used and exploited by others that we are left to hope that what we create simply doesn’t rise to the quality and relevance that might attract those who would steal it for their own use, in the same way that some of us might hope to escape home burglaries by not having nice enough things.

This hope isn’t enough for creators looking to build an audience and earn fair compensation for their work. They are driven to create exciting, compelling content to bring in viewers and followers- the same type of content that appeals to thieves looking for easy targets to exploit to their own ends. Thus is the constant struggle between the original artists that create the viewership and the value of social media and the forces that always seem to exist ready to take advantage of the work of others for an easy buck.

In the face of these challenges, it’s important for creators to be able to take proactive, affirmative steps in protecting their work. They need to be able to make the work that makes social media worthwhile and to do so with the confidence and freedom that comes with not having to worry that the ownership and originality of their work being taken from them, along with any of the potential profits they could derive.

RightsLedger is giving creators that opportunity with new tools designed to help them protect their work while allowing them to monetize it. Users can register their content ownership on a blockchain for proof of authenticity and prevent infringement using the decentralized content fingerprinting solution that marks their work as their authentic original creation. From there, creators can share their work across platforms without having to worry about others trying to misappropriate and claim ownership. Or for those tired of the traditional social media channels, RightsLedger is building a social media platform that offers protection for your content as well as an equal share of advertising revenue.

Protecting your work may be difficult under the current system but RightsLedger is looking to change the landscape for creators.

Find out more about RightsLedger’s new and upcoming developments on the RightsLedger Telegram channel.