Photo by Maurício Mascaro

How RightsLedger’s Transparency is a Win for Creators

Monetizing your work is a challenge for any creator — you have to first put in the work to create the right photos, video, or audio to put out to a mass audience, only to have to jump through the hoops set forth by most platforms if you want to take part in their ad revenue share programs. For a number of artists, that means having to work for months and years for free, building an audience until you gain a following deemed worthy of monetization by the powers-that-be at your platform of choice. When you reach that threshold, you expect your just rewards for your efforts, the financial compensation that is due for helping build the engagement and interaction that social media companies covet.

Instead of a steady stream of revenue, you’re met with a trickle, with most of the advertising dollars being siphoned off upstream by the biggest stars of the platform and the platform itself. It’s impossible to say what you’re owed, as the terms are open to change at the whim of the company that ultimately controls the site and the ad dollars that come in. As unfair as it might seem, something is better than nothing, and the only other options available aren’t all that different — big platforms that offer a huge audience in exchange for control and the diminution of creator power.

A lack of transparency and a concentration of power are features of social media in 2019, and it’s creators and users alike that pay the price for the current circumstances. Creators struggle to get by with current monetization options, and the average consumer doesn’t have a way to offer more direct support, to ensure the ad dollars they help bring in go towards the artists that draw them to the platforms. Those channels stand in the way of a more direct, more fair content ecosystem.

Change is needed if there is to be any hope of fairness, and RightsLedger is introducing that change. The RightsLedger marketplace is fully transparent, allowing users to see and understand the transactions that take place and the exchange of compensation at a fair rate. Those looking to act as their own distributor can look to match with platforms and other buyers and set the terms of their deals, with no surprises as to how much money they’re earning. With deals recorded on the blockchain, creators can easily see what they’ve sold and what they’re owed. And for those who are looking for a better social media experience, RightsLedger is building a platform that is not only user-content-driven but creator-focused, offering 50% of the advertising revenue generated to users.

Creators work hard to generate content, and they shouldn’t be taken for granted. RightsLedger is looking to build a better solution for content creators everywhere.

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