Instagram Creators Struggle to Build Following

Photo by Lisa Fotios

We’ve spent much time covering the ways in which it can be difficult for creators to gain visibility in social media and thus the followers and ad revenue necessary to continue their work. Grabbing attention is difficult in a crowded marketplace, especially when everyone else is vying for the same attention. The successful are those who have unlocked the secrets of the various algorithms that govern the platforms, or those who have found the most compelling way of grabbing the attention of consumers.

One of the most recent examples of “gaming the system” to gain followers is the trend of prominent meme pages on Instagram setting their accounts to private in order to compel more users to follow them, as described in The Atlantic. The rationale behind the move seems on its face counterintuitive, given that private pages aren’t visible in Instagram’s Explore tab, but the results bear out the wisdom, as the accounts profiled in the article saw their follower growth increase after going private. Those looking to see a post shared by a friend from these private accounts can do so with the relatively easy step of hitting the “Follow” button, and are less likely to take the step of unfollowing afterward.

While you can’t fault any creator for doing what works to grow their base of followers, fans, and supporters, what isn’t considered at any point in these calculations is the actual content being created. Whatever you might think of memes, they are one of the biggest forms of creative expression. And when they manage to strike a chord, they can become culturally ubiquitous to a generation. In the particular alchemy of social media, however, popularity is separate and apart from either quality or quantity. The most successful creators on social media are the ones best equipped to grab the bullhorn, not necessarily those with the most interesting things to say.

RightsLedger offers a way for creators to avoid the tricks needed to appease the algorithms that decide the fates of creators on Instagram and other platforms. Content stands on its own quality in a marketplace that offers creators the chance to license and sell their work to others, outside of the overcrowded landscape offered on social media. The works of creators can truly belong to them, and RightsLedger’s authentication and fingerprinting will ensure their retention of ownership and control over their content in the face of omnipresent content theft.

A creator shouldn’t have to depend on tricks to get the audience they deserve, and RightsLedger offers a chance at both a marketplace with equal footing and fair monetization.

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