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Online Media Content and the Future of Consumption

The internet has changed how we live and how we interact at almost every level of society. The physical has become digital, and even the rules of time and space that governed our connections and interactions have been altered. That might sound a bit high-minded, but it’s easy to forget how fundamentally different the world that existed before the internet was. That’s especially true of the content that we consume, and how we consume it. The new ways of finding and viewing photos, videos and music afford new opportunities for the host of talented and tech-savvy people that create the content we enjoy.

Internet Use is Growing

According to a Kleiner Perkins report on 2018 Internet Trends, there are 3.6 billion internet users. Even a fraction of that represents both a huge audience and a huge talent pool for the creative content that drives our engagement in social media. The most successful videos and songs count their views in the millions as more and more people spend increasing amounts of time online each day. As the overall number of people who have access to all parts of the internet continue to grow, the potential market for content expands as well, as more people look to the internet to provide their entertainment big or small.

Everything is Online & On Our Phones

It’s become rote to say that we live on our phones, but it’s undeniably true that those of us with smartphones spend an inordinate amount of our time on the internet via our phones. That ease and accessibility of connection to the internet and social media through our phones has helped fuel the rise of viral content as people are able to easily see and share. Our favorite websites and platforms have capitalized on the ubiquity of smartphones with apps that make it easy to instantly connect and use their services. All of this means that we have become comfortable with the notion of consuming content and conducting business on our phones.

Content Has a Worldwide Audience

The internet has brought down the physical and cultural barriers that have previously served to silo creative content to a small section of the world. Now, videos and photos can go viral and spread around the globe from anywhere in the world. Streaming services offer their movies and shows to customers around the world. There is a potentially huge audience for what we create, and a larger base of people willing to spend money on independently-created content.

Creators Getting Their Fair Share

The growth and expansion of of the internet has made online content a big business. There are billions made by social media platforms and streaming services. But almost none of the revenue generated ends up with creators. Our appetite for online media consumption is what drives the value of platforms, but the creators that provide the content we crave are getting a fraction of its worth.

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