Photo by Danka & Peter

RightsLedger Helps Content Creators Overcome Barriers

The complexity of navigating the world of rights management serves as a barrier for many an independent creator that might otherwise seek to strike out into distribution. That’s not to say that they lack the determination, work ethic, or intellect to otherwise succeed as a commercial artist; to get a work of art created in the first place with an aim to license or sell it demonstrates those qualities in full. But distribution and the related digital rights management and monetization are entirely separate from creation, requiring a different set of skills and knowledge not possessed by most. That complexity has many artists looking for assistance in navigating those markets, only to find that help beyond their reach.

Expense keeps the available rights management firms and solutions out of the reach of most small, independent creators, and serves as another deterrent to those who would try to license their work in domestic or international markets. Artists looking to earn a living simply can’t do so if they’re paying the fees required for these services, yet they can’t hope to successfully navigate the complex world of contracts, distribution deals, and licensing fees without help. This circular challenge leaves many creators to try and make their own way into the marketplace, relying on a flawed system that devalues the work of the creator for the sake of corporate interests.

More than harming just the creators, distributors are worse off for these barriers as well. A larger and diverse pool of creators and works to choose from offers more options for distribution, and additional chances to find content that catches the eyes and imagination of a wide audience. Those opportunities are lost when the barriers of entry are set such that only work backed by significant financial interests is able to be sold and distributed to audiences.

The RightsLedger ecosystem of applications is looking to revolutionize digital content and entertainment for creators as well as distributors. RighstLedger combats complexity in digital rights monetization by creating simple and affordable solutions available to creators of any size. Creators can easily manage their work and their distribution deals with verification and authentication of ownership, smart contracts and rights availability, all creating an automated global rights marketplace. And distributors can choose from a vast pool of content for streaming and distribution rights to create new and exciting options for consumers.

RightsLedger is removing the obstacles that prevent creators from monetizing their work and keep distributors from finding the right content at the right price for their platforms.