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Why Content Creators Need Transparency

It’s hard to place much faith in any of the transactions we conduct online. Much of what we see in the news regularly tells us that there are no level playing fields left, that power is shifted towards the bigger institutions rather than the collective of individuals. Worst of all, we typically aren’t privy to the details how we’re being taken advantage of; that information always comes later and is never freely given.

The lack of transparency online isn’t a new problem or an unfamiliar one for those trying to earn a living as a digital content creator. Monetizing content can be a fraught process, not least because the services and platforms that exist to do so aren’t straightforward with their users about any of the details surrounding their business. Creators are left to accept the compensation they’re given with no knowledge or understanding of whether or not it’s fair because they are unable to see what these companies are taking for themselves.

No one willingly accepts such unfair arrangements unless they feel like they have no options — that a bad deal is better than no deal at all. Much of our content is monopolized by a few entities, and that consolidation gives them the power to set terms with creators that are highly favorable to themselves, without having to share details of the money coming in from third parties. As a result, creators can see how much they can make from uploading their content to a platform, but not how much they should make.

Creators need a new option for content monetization — one that recognizes that the value lies in the work itself and not the platform, and allows creators to reap the benefits of that value themselves. It isn’t enough to hope that the existing content platforms will change, either through external pressure or a miraculous change of heart; creators have to break free of that dynamic entirely and find a new way to share their work and build an audience that will allow them to earn the full measure if their content’s value.

RightsLedger is building a platform that offers creators the freedom and the transparency to know the value of their content and to earn that amount without losing much of it to nebulous fees and skewed revenue sharing. With transactions conducted on the blockchain, there are no hidden fees or secret deals, and creators control their work, allowing them to decide who they want to work with and how they wish to license their content. With a fair and open marketplace, RightsLedger is providing a platform designed with users in mind.

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