Awesome Components for your Next React Native Project

React Native has already taken the Cross Platform App Community by storm. We have curated a list of awesome React Native Components for building your next cross platform application.

React Native Navigation

Wix’s React Native Navigation is a powerful navigation solution for React Native and provides 100% native platform navigation, also with out-of-the-box Redux Support. It also includes major components such as Nav Bars, Tab Bars, and Side Menu Drawers.


React Native i18n brings localization to your React Native app without any hassle. It includes Pluralization, Date/Time and Number Localization.


Creative Beautiful Parallax effect walkthrough to your React Native App akin to ones found in Google Drive, Docs with this component.

Gifted Form

The Complete Form Component for React Native with widgets such as Text, Google Places, Date Picker, Switches, etc,. The component is completely customizable and also provides support (in Beta) for Redux.

React Native Calendars

There is a plethora of Calendar Components available for React Native, but Wix’s React Native Calendar stands out in terms of customizability. It also comes pre-packed with List View, Agenda View and also includes options like Date Marking, Indicator, etc,.

Gifted Chat

Gifted Chat provides you the complete Chat UI component for your React Native app including features like Localized dates, Copying Text Messages to Clipboard, Avatars as Initials, etc,.

React Content Loader

This Component lets you add Facebook / Instagram style Content Loader to your React Native app. It comes bundled with Facebook, Instagram and Code Style Shimmers and you can also add your own custom styles.

Did we miss any interesting Components? Drop a line below in Comments and we will update it.

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