First Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC Item Released!

UPDATE: We are aware of a problem where the game freezes after you get the item and try to detach it from the letter (thus making you unable to throw away the letter). It’s being decided what we are gonna do about it, and we apologize that it has been freezing.

UPDATE 2: The freeze might have been fixed. If you are able to get the item without freezing, please tell us! If it continues to freeze, then we will start distributing a different item.

We have been holding off on releasing DLC for Animal Crossing: City Folk (also known as Let’s Go to the City) for a long time, about 2 years. It has taken us this long to release it because we’ve been busy with everything else we work on — News Channel, Forecast Channel, etc. have taken time to work on.

You will now be able to get a special item for your town — a RiiConnect24 carpet. We think it looks cool. What do you think of it?

Enjoy our promotional crap we send out? We’ll release the shirt you see here (which has the Wiimmfi logo on the back of it) and the wallpaper (which will look different once we release it). After that, we will send out some actual items.

Using either the disc or the game on a USB Loader (patched with our patcher), continue to play your game, and you should get the item eventually. No additional patches are needed, and you do not have to follow a tutorial. You know you have received the item when Pete is waiting for you outside your house. There might be some delay before you get the item, and you might not get it as soon as you launch the game again, so please wait a little bit before you start complaining to us that you haven’t got it.

It will be distributed until further notice, which will be in a month or two. If you don’t play the game and don’t get the item, you can still get it. If you play on Wiimmfi, your friends on there can give you a copy from Tom Nook’s catalog and give it to you.

Hope you enjoy the little items that we plan to distribute!

Also, thanks to Conanac for giving us some information we used to make this possible. He made some DLC many years ago!

P.S. You can celebrate with some Animal Crossing: City Folk wallpapers.