New Site Look, Multi-Language Forecast Channel Support and More!

Lately, we’ve rolled out some new changes with RiiConnect24 and we finally have enough to make a blog post about it. Here’s what’s new:

  • This might be obvious if you have taken a look at our site lately: we have a new site layout. I know we changed the layout a few months ago, but many people think this one looks better. In fact, on our Discord chat, we did a poll to see if anyone liked it. 34 people said yes, 6 people said no. So about 6 out of 7 people like the new look.
  • Sending out announcements has been fixed. We had to fix it so the announcements would be signed correctly.
  • RiiConnect24 is now using CloudFlare for optimal performance!
  • The RiiConnect24 Forecast Channel now has multi-language support. So you can now get the forecast if your Wii is set to use German, French, Spanish, Italian or Dutch. Japanese support isn’t ready yet, we’ll work on that soon™, even though I don’t know any Japanese users that use our service… It’s still good to have support for it, right?

Also, we’re working as best as we can on the RiiConnect24 Everybody Votes Channel right now. We know you guys are excited to see us getting that working, and we are too!