RiiConnect24 Merchandise and More!

Hey guys, so a few days ago we decided to start selling merchandise on Redbubble. Part of the funds go to us, which we will take as a donation. We even have merchandise with PokeAcer’s famous Mii on it.

Also, we made an account on Medium which we will start posting updates like this one on. Make sure to check it out!

I’m not sure if you seen the video we made about the Everybody Votes Channel taking a while to be released, but here’s the link to the video:


We also improved the RiiConnect24 News Channel, so more pictures are associated with articles. We didn’t have enough space to hold a lot of pictures before, so each hour only 5 news articles at maximum would have a picture associated with them. Also for Dutch news, we started using Geoparser to detect where the articles take place. Please note that this isn’t perfect and they might end up on the wrong location.

As always, we’re working on stuff like vWii support, Animal Crossing: City Folk DLC, and what most of you are waiting for — Everybody Votes Channel. And when we’re not, we’re hanging out on our Discord chat.

In other news, someone by the name Sepalani has put some hard work into working on “GAMESTATS” support for Wiimmfi. This means that games that use it will finally have a functioning leaderboard. In all the time Wiimmfi existed, GAMESTATS wasn’t implemented until now. By the way, if there’s a game missing on Wiimmfi that you want it to support, follow this to make a game definition file for it, then send it to Wiimm by posting it on this thread. Then you can test it and the game will hopefully work online again!

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