RiiConnect24 — Now on a new VPS!

IMPORTANT: We apologize to existing RiiConnect24 users, but to continue using us you need to change your DNS to and repatch your nwc24msg.cfg on our Discord chat. Instructions are here.

Hey! We have moved to a new VPS from OVH for these following reasons:

  • Cheaper
  • Better performance
  • Potentially faster
  • Everything will be managed better

So you now have to change your DNS and repatch your nwc24msg.cfg to continue using RiiConnect24. We’ll be better than ever! If you’re wondering, the VPS is hosted in France.

We’re excited about the new VPS and I hope you continue to enjoy RiiConnect24! As always, keep waiting and we’ll release more stuff!

P.S. If you came here from the Forecast or the News Channel after doing the steps please wait until the start of the next hour to use the Channels again.