The RiiConnect24 Everybody Votes Channel is Out!

Are you ready to vote on some interesting polls?

We at RiiConnect24 are happy to announce that the Everybody Votes Channel has now been brought back after over 4 long years after it was discontinued. Many people have missed the feeling of being able to vote in polls every few days, and a lot of people thought it was fun.

Now to the part most of you care about… You will have to install a patched WAD of the Everybody Votes Channel, even if you have it on your Wii, because it has to be patched. If you have RiiConnect24 installed, please follow the tutorial to get it here. If you don’t have RiiConnect24, follow the tutorial here. If you get 231000 in the Channel when voting or suggesting, try restarting it.

The first poll that you will be able to see today (December 2, 2017) will ask you if you prefer using a button-fly or zipper on your clothes. I’m sure that most of you prefer zippers… In the days to come, more polls will come in. We’re gonna use Nintendo’s poll releasing schedule (release a poll every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, and release worldwide polls on the 1st and 16th of every month). By the way, we plan to release the first worldwide poll on December 16th.

We have released a few goodies to celebrate the launch of the Everybody Votes Channel:

Happy voting, and hope it works for you without problems!

Hopefully you’ll be like this when you vote!