WiiPC mail is finally here!

We have finally got Wii<->PC mail working. So you can register your email on the Wii and it’ll work! Maybe in the future with this, it could be a way to receive newsletters or even get information about RC24!

Add someone’s email via the Address Book as you would with registering a Wii, it’ll send a confirmation email which you reply to, and you’re all set! Your email will be w<Wii number>@rc24.xyz! But the confirmation email will say your email is the old @wii.com email, but remember it’s @rc24.xyz.

We also changed the interval your Wii checks mail. Before, it checked every 10 minutes but now it checks every 5 minutes. So you can get that beautiful flashing blue light on your Wii faster!

In the future we’ll make it so if you send a JPEG with your email it’ll be sent to your Wii (you were able to do that), but now we at least have text email working.

Hope you enjoy playing with email on your Wii!

CREDITS TO thejsa for making this work (and putting up with the hours of coding)! :D

P.S. You can rearrange people in your Address Book by pointing at it and holding down A + B (just like you can do for a channel).

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