Portal Reports

If you are an administrator of a school portal, a few weeks ago you may have notice a new tab in your portal dashboard called “Reports”. This is a brand new feature within the Riipen platform and represents a first step towards analyzing student activity within the Riipen platform to help school educators better understand the needs of the market, and how experiential learning in unfolding in their classrooms.

The portal reports section is broken down into five major categories: assignments, educators, organizations, projects, and student. By clicking on any category from the overview page, or from clicking on the category on the left hand side menu, you will be able to explore many pieces of data about each one over a given time period.

For example, by viewing projects, you will be able to see how many in class projects are currently being run and what skills are being taught and verified in those projects.

This dashboard represents a first step towards data reporting inside the Riipen platform of which we are very excited about.

Have any requests for more data? Please reach out to us as we continue to improve this feature!