3 Chatbot Metrics for Brands

Chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence give brands the unprecedented opportunity to chat with WeChat followers at scale. But despite all the promise of WeChat chatbots, actual metrics around engagement are difficult to find.

Rikai Labs’ TeacherBot official WeChat account engages and educates the 400 million Chinese English language learners by blending teachers with chatbots powered by Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing.

Rikai Labs launched the beta version of TeacherBot over Chinese New Year and have the following data for user engagement in WeChat. As well as producing our own B2C products, Rikai also develops chatbots for other companies. All the lessons learned from TeacherBot can also be applied to ‘chatbots for brands’ too!

246 messages per user

Outbound messages to the user can be a combination of text, audio, images, cards, and links to other H5 pages. Outbound messages can change context and meaning based upon the user’s inputs. By keeping your content engaging you can increase the number of inbound messages from the user.

Inbound messages from the user can be a combination of text or audio. By creating fun, educational outbound messages, TeacherBot is able to engage students in conversations. TeacherBot is able to log and analyze each user input and give unique instruction based upon the need an context of the conversation.

What does this mean for brands? Brands can have scalable two way engagement with their customers. Chatbots let brands collect both qualitative and quantitative data at scale creating the ability to run targeted focus groups AND mass surveys simultaneously. At the same time, brands can also ensure that variety of branding messages be targeted, specific, and within the appropriate context.

40% organic growth week over week

As we fine tuned our lessons, TeacherBot managed to keep growing organically 40% week over week as our students shared and invited their friends to try the Official Account.

What does this mean for brands? A well designed bot that is fun, engaging and useful will leverage the social nature of WeChat.

5 dates 😘😘

Rikai Labs’ publishing platform

Over the past month, TeacherBot has been asked out on 5 dates. As a result, we built additional lessons and experiences around dating.

What does this mean for brands? If a brand can chat and connect with users at scale, the brand will learn interesting things about users every day. More over, a chatbot’s ability to collect a large amount quantitative and qualitative data simulataneously gives a brand the confidence to rapidly interate product development to build more of what is resonating with users and less on what its users don’t like.

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