SurveyBot — the secret to high conversion for surveys!

Wow… look at this?! Do you feel the same sinking feeling like I do on a survey form?

If I wouldn’t fill out a survey like this, why would my customers? And if my customers won’t fill out or complete my surveys, how do I know how to make my products and services better?

Conversion rates on traditional survey forms are extremely low as people feel detached in the form filling process. SurveyBots on the other hand, are able to guide users through a friendly, natural conversation. This converts reluctant form fillers to active conversationalists, and businesses can collect the information that they want. When looking to gather responses from customers, a surveybot will therefore be a better option than a traditional survey form.

What is a SurveyBot?

A surveybot is a type of chatbot that enables companies to ask questions through a friendly chat rather than ugly tables and check boxes. People are more willing to engage with surveybots because it feels more natural. As a result, conversion rates to completed surveys with chatbots are 4x higher compared to ugly forms.

Complete Survey

SurveyBots have a higher conversion rate, in part because chatbots build a friendly relationship with the customer. Our experience shows that using a surveybot increases survey completion rates from ~20% to over 90% for the same questions. Rather than writing “Cleanliness of the bathroom” as they did in the above survey, a surveybot can ask the same question in a friendly, conversational manner: “How did you feel about the bathroom? Was it clean enough for you?”

Based on the user’s comment, the surveybot is able to provide a friendly personalized response. This helps to build a stronger relationship with the customer. For example, if a user writes that “the bathrooms were not clean”, the surveybot can respond with an emoji 😥. It can also follow up with the user to find out why they feel a certain way. As a result, users are engaged and tend to complete surveys more frequently.

Get More Data from Partial Completions

SurveyBots allow businesses to more effectively build a customer’s profile, which can help lead to increase sales conversions later on. Numerical “quantitative” data can be acquired easily, but soft “qualitative” data are harder to capture. SurveyBots enable these soft data to be gathered through conversational responses to questions.

Even if a survey isn’t 100% completed, all interactions with the user are logged and stored in the database. Funnel analysis can be used to determine where users drop and how a conversation can be adjusted or tough questions rephrased to increase conversion rates to a completed survey. Using custom logic, businesses can also subsample and ask certain questions to only a percentage of their audience, and monitor these responses.

The “timeout” function of a surveybot also encourages customer conversion as users might stop halfway through completing a survey. The surveybot can give them a friendly nudge: “Hey, are you still there :D”, which reminds them to complete the survey.

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