Making employees more effective

Training is one of the key ways to make your employees more effective. However, training can be a drain on company resources, and frustrating for both employees and employers.

For employees, a good user experience consists of clear, thorough instructions with the opportunity to ask relevant questions. For employers, a good user experience is an opportunity to work through new and challenging questions without having to constantly answer the same question over and over.

The problem for companies is how to provide a thorough explanation to every employee without burning out the employer who acts as the trainer.


TrainingBot is a chatbot powered by Artificial Intelligence. It allows employers to mass personalize explanations at scale. As an employer trains an employee, they also teach TrainingBot so that in the future, when an employee asks a similar question, TrainingBot, rather than the employer, answers the question. If an employee asks a question that TrainingBot doesn’t understand, TrainingBot alerts the employer and asks him/ her for help. As the employer then teaches the employee about this new topic, it also trains TrainingBot. TrainingBot is constantly learning.

Do people actually want to work with a chatbot?

Rikai Labs TeacherBot official account found that chatbot driven lessons and explanations were highly effective. Chatbot lessons had a 72% completion rate proving that users are willing to engage with the chatbot so long as the information that they received was thorough and meaningful. The majority of the remaining 28% of users who did not complete the lesson reached out to teachers for specific help and questions.

How do we know if the training information is relevant?

Because TeacherBot is constantly collecting both quantitative and qualitative data, companies can quickly iterate and update their training material, making it more effective. In the case of TeacherBot, as teachers work with students, they quickly begin to understand where the instructions and lessons are not clear and can update and train TeacherBot accordingly.

Teachers can also quickly begin to make wholesale changes to the curriculum that is based upon both personal experiences and also strong empirical data.

TeacherBot’s 72% completion rate doubled within two weeks because teachers were able to identify areas of student need, validate these areas of need with data, and adjust the teaching material accordingly.

This is great, but is this scalable?

Teachers plus chatbots are a very effective use of company time. One teacher is able to keep 250 students engaged and learning simultaneously. And over one hour, one teacher had been able to help 450 students within that period. Students are more effective because they get information when and where they need it, and teachers are more effective because they don’t spend all their time explaining the same concepts and questions over and over.


Humans are great at understanding problems, but far less effective when they have to give the same explanation over and over. Chatbots are great at giving the same explanation over and over, but aren’t as effective at understanding problems.

By blending chatbots and people, organizations can make both employees and employers more effective by ensuring that the company knowledge base gets smarter over time.

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