WelcomeBot — creating the best first impression for your customers!

When users subscribe to your WeChat account, do they bounce out of it right away? Do they get useful information and do they engage with your product? Or does it look something like this?

When users first subscribe to an official WeChat account they are looking to engage with your brand. You have their undivided attention to welcome them. Yet how do most brands respond to this request? With a boring, impersonal message or content article. It’s boring and impersonal and users will bounce right out.

Be a good host… welcome your new users! WelcomeBot is a chatbot that will talk to your users, while building customer profiles you can use for later follow-up.

What is WelcomeBot?

WelcomeBot greets new followers in your WeChat account through personalized conversations and rich multimedia. It builds customer profiles by asking questions in casual conversations when new users subscribe.

Build customer profiles

When users first enter your account, WelcomeBot is able to build user profiles through friendly chat. WelcomeBot can capture the quantitative and qualitative data. Users can be tagged and segmented for future campaigns.

Build relationships, increase engagement

WelcomeBot also helps to keep users engaged by giving personalized responses to each user. This makes every conversation personal and unique, and allows you to build relationships with your users. The friendly conversation allows users to learn about a brand in a natural way.

Increased conversion rate

Ultimately though, WelcomeBot gives brands the opportunity to convert users. One of our customers, Maijin China A/B tested conversion rates with a conventional webform and WelcomeBot. They found that WelcomeBot gave a 350% increase in conversions! Brands can also monitor commonly asked questions that their customers are asking, and quickly optimize conversation flow, all resulting in a higher conversion rate.

WelcomeBot can usher in a whole new user experience for your new WeChat followers, boost your understanding of them and make sure they stick around!

It’s never too late to make THE best first impression on your customers! Scan this QR code to find out how a WelcomeBot works, or email us at info@rikai.co