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2022 and Beyond: Shaping the Future with DeFi 2.0

Dear Community,

Rikkei Finance is pleased to announce the publication of our community’s 2022 roadmap!

As you can see, a tremendous amount of work has been accomplished so far in 2021. Now that 2022, a year full of potential and promises, is coming, we are ready to embark on our new journeys and conquer new milestones together with all Rificians.

Together We Shape the Future

Rikkei Finance is a Metaverse DeFi protocol with 5 zones: Sport & Recreation Center, Farming Zone, NFT Marketplace, RiWork and Governance, DAO & Lending. All will eventually support the development of our core product: Lending. You can read this article to know how these 5 zones support RIFI’s main product.

Together We Evolve Sustainably

Rikkei Finance will embrace the beauty of DeFi 2.0 to become a protocol-owned liquidity platform by introducing RIFI Bonding in Q3/2022. Controlling the project’s liquidity ensures that RIFI will develop sustainably, bringing huge benefits to the users as well. The main advantage for bondholders is price consistency. Bonders make an upfront capital commitment in exchange for a fixed return at a set point in time.

Together We Operate

More importantly, Rikkei Finance will soon be a DAO-governed metaverse. All decisions are formed by community members on the forum and made by token holders through snapshot voting.

Together We Scale

To DeFi users, especially newcomers, interacting with the Ethereum network has been a major obstacle. Expensive gas fees and long waiting time have prevented most users from experiencing DeFi. Our vision is to build a cross-chain metaverse, allowing easy cash flow from a wide range of blockchain networks whether it is BSC, Polygon, Solana etc.

Celebrating the Upcoming Launch of RIFI Lending Protocol

In early 2022, Rikkei Finance is set to introduce the RIFI Lending Protocol. To celebrate the upcoming release of our main product, we are glad to offer you the opportunity to profit and diversify your portfolio through the Double Farming vault which will be available next week, enabling you to stake stablecoin and earn stablecoin, XVS and RIFI as rewards.

We have also built an internal Testnet running the final network architecture, with almost all features completed internally. After the double farming release, we will make an official announcement regarding the Rikkei Finance Lending Testnet, as well as its Bug Bounty Program.

In terms of RIFI United, our gaming product, we had released the Alpha Test application a few days ago. The application period started from December 31, 2021 to January 14, and the Alpha Test will take place on January 22, 2022. Detailed information about the Alpha Test registration can be found via https://medium.com/rikkeifinance/announcement-alpha-test-application-for-rifi-united-is-here-758135f92c54

2022 Roadmap

The 2022 roadmap includes rescheduling:


  • Double Farming Vault
  • RIFI Lending Protocol
  • RIFI Lending Mobile App
  • RIFI United Beta Game


  • RIFI Lending to go live on multiple block chain networks
  • RIFI NFT P2P Lending
  • RIFI United’s Official Game


  • RIFI Lending Aggregator
  • RIFI Bonding
  • RiWork Token Analysis


  • RIFI Cross-chain Lending protocol

We’re excited to also share this longer-term roadmap with you in an upcoming post!

About Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Metaverse DeFi Protocol, enabling a Safe and Secure Open Lending with core features: Cross-chain support, NFTs lending, and Liquidation coverage. It utilizes blockchain tech that enables cross-chain integration, meaning it can accept digital assets that operate on any blockchain network and render it at an equivalent rate, making them a real-time currency exchange network.

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Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace; with a focus on NFT rentals and NFT based lending and borrowing.