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How DeFi Helps The Unbanked

Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is a set of financial services on public blockchains, which can be utilized to solve critical issues in traditional finance. It digitally and decentrally authorizes and accepts financial transactions. DeFi is closely attached to the blockchain technology, which is a decentralized, immovable, public ledger, allowing any computers on a network to proceed a copy of other transactions.

In many countries, banking, investments or financial services might be in less developed phases than in developed countries. It is claimed that those living in these areas are found to have less access to physical banking whereas the asset assessment and trust issue decelerate the loans and transactions procedures. However, with the availability of DeFi, they now have an alternative solution to improve their living conditions. DeFi could provide people with a variety of investment options through BTC, BNB, or any kinds of stablecoins, generating new spaces for investors to both deposit their money and make passive earnings from the crypto world. This brings about a larger middle class, resulting in a blastoff in the development of the economy in those countries.

In general, DeFi platforms enable users to deposit or make borrowings, exchange or trade using blockchain technology and smart contracts without any intermediaries’ association. With this technology, DeFi is considered a wealth-builder strategy especially for developing markets.

Rikkei Finance Broadens Horizon of the DeFi Concept

In contrast to the limitations of financial services in rural areas, Rikkei Finance presents a decentralized system for frictionless borrowing of any blockchain-based tokens without the flaws of existing approaches, allowing proper money markets to function, and creating a safe positive-yield approach to storing assets no matter who you are or where you locate.

Cross-chain support:

Rikkei Finance currently runs on multiple blockchain networks. RiFi’s cross-chain support gives cost-sensitive users the freedom to compare between and choose networks with low gas fees (transaction costs) and simple onboarding process for a smooth and safe experience.

In the future, more cross-chain technology will be adopted to further simplify the asset lending/borrowing journey of our users from one chain to another.

Improved interest rate model:

Instead of the traditional linear model, Rikkei Finance applies the Multi-Kinked interest rate model with the aim of tackling 2 key points that traditional model does not address: one to make borrowing less cost prohibitive during periods of low utilization, and another to boost liquidity providing incentives during periods of high utilization.

Variety of collateral types:

There is no restriction on collateral types supported on the Rikkei Finance platform. Users are free to decide which assets can be used as collateral based on our asset ranking system. Rikkei Finance will always improve and pioneer in supporting a variety of collaterals, which includes not only BSC assets but also multi-chain assets.RiFi supports not only token-based collateral, but LP tokens, and NFTs in the near future.



Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace; with a focus on NFT rentals and NFT-based lending and borrowing.

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Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace; with a focus on NFT rentals and NFT based lending and borrowing.