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New Partnership Announcement: Rikkei Finance x Polkawar

It is with great pleasure that Rikkei Finance announces its partnership with Polkawar, an outstanding blockchain-based NFT gaming platform and marketplace. By collaborating with Polkawar, Rikkei Finance is taking another step in offering a cost-effective NFT Rental Marketplace to Polkawar customers.

To defeat other competitors in Polkawar, players need to build a character with powerful items, which are all NFTs. Or, even better, Polkawar low-spenders can rent NFTs from RiFi NFT Marketplace, one of the products of Rikkei Finance. The platform is designed to be friendly to different sorts of players regardless of their initial investments.

Rikkei Finance and Polkawar believe that the time and effort spent on games should not be wasted. So, all in-game assets accumulated in Polkawar can be used for lending in RiFi NFT Marketplace. This can create a passive income for players. In near future, Polkawar users can use these NFTs as collateral when borrowing other tokens.

Rikkei Finance and Polkawar are more than excited for this opportunity to set sail and revolutionize the world of blockchain gaming. Stay tuned and follow Rikkei Finance and Polkawar for the latest update!

About Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and a NFT Marketplace; with a specific focus on NFT rentals and NFT based lending and borrowing. Also, Rikkei Finance continues to expand coverage across multiple blockchains to assist users with earning interest on their digital assets instantly.

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About Polkawar

PolkaWar is a blockchain based NFT gaming platform and marketplace. Inspired by the recent crypto NFT and gaming narratives, PolkaWar will combine and synergize them both to build an attractive platform.

The game allows every player to build a character and participate in battle against other players. Further, PolkaWar will also include an NFT marketplace, where players can sell their items, weapons and upgraded equipment for crypto. Some of the items can even be redeemed for real world replicas.

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