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Project Update

Hello Rifician fellows!

We know that a lot of you have been curious about Rikkei Finance’s progress. The community has been wondering about the launching plan of our token, as well as our products recently.

These past few weeks, the team has been making attempts to focus on tech works and development for the convenience of RiFi users.

This August, we have more updates to bring you than ever before! For now, let’s read on to find out more!!

Rikkei Finance Updated a Brand-New Landing Page and Functionalized 3 Products

Regarding our product, we are totally excited to announce that the team is currently updating a spanking new landing page. More information about the project can be found, including the novelty, tokenomics, details about RiFi protocols, partnerships, and even fund-raising process, etc.

3 of our products, which consists of the RiFi Vault, Market Analysis — Token Ranking System, and the Lending Protocol, are ready for going live, and users can also have them tested now. We have a well-known third-party security vendor, named Perkshield and Hacken, to audit every line of code. Therefore, while no one can guarantee 100% bug-free software, we are confident to take the matters into our hands.

Token Listing

Rikkei Finance is planning to hold the $RiFi IDO on Redkite Launchpad on August 25, 2021.

Pancakeswap is one of the exchanges that we intend to list our token (TBD).

We will be confirming the dates and how to participate very soon. Please stay tuned via our social channels to get more details about our IDO.

Farming Vault

After listing, we will have the RiFi Farming Vault launched immediately. The farming vault will be available on both Binance Smart Chain and Ethereum. Polygon is coming soon!

For users, you have 3 options to be involved in the farming process:

1. Double farming vault on BSC:

Users can stake USDT/BUSD and receive XVS and RiFi in return.

2. Double farming vault on Ethereum:

Users can stake DAI/USDC and receive Comp/AAVE plus RiFi in return.

3. NFT vault:

Users can stake RiFi and receive NFT in return.

About Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Metaverse DeFi Protocol, enabling a Safe and Secure Open Lending with core features: Cross-chain support, NFTs lending, and Liquidation coverage. It utilizes blockchain tech that enables cross-chain integration, meaning it can accept digital assets that operate on any blockchain network and render it at an equivalent rate, making them a real-time currency exchange network.

Join our social channels for more updates on all things Rikkei Finance.

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Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace; with a focus on NFT rentals and NFT based lending and borrowing.