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[RIFI United FAQ]: All Concerns Kicked To The Curb

Hey our beloved Rificians,

Have you given a try on the RIFI Beta Test version? As this is the very first season of RIFI United, we have been receiving various questions about the gaming product. This article is to resolve unanswered questions from the community, as well as provide newcomers with some valuable general information about RIFI United.

— — — — — -

Question 1: What are the financial models behind RU?

The utility of our RU token is acting as the currency for:

(1) Buy/Sell transactions at the RiFi United Marketplace

(2) Payment for in-game activities, such as claiming NFT boxes or training players;

Additionally, all of the RUs received from the aforementioned cases will be stored in Rikkei Finance’s treasury and used as staking rewards.

Question 2: What are the marketing plans for RU?

To celebrate the game’s mainnet release this week, we have held a massive airdrop where 1,000,000 $RU is distributed to every single person who finishes the minor tasks via our airdrop bot. This is our first step to ingrain the name RiFi united to Blockchain users all over the world.

Up next, we will be releasing tutorials for beginners on how to maximize their profit as soon as possible with our game. Alongside this team effort will be mass campaigns aiming at the NFT gaming community and the soccer community, whose help we will be adopting to further expand RiFi United’s unique vision.

Last but not least, local Discord channels and moderators will also be put to use so non-English speakers, too, can discuss all aspects of the game and have their concerns timely addressed in their native language.

Question 3: What will happen after the player is reborn?

We don’t have a reborn function at the moment. However, there will be community voting taking place soon, so please follow us and vote for this feature to be adopted as soon as possible!

Question 4: What will happen after the player retires?

The retirement feature has unfortunately been omitted from our game. At least in the first season, players’ age will stay the same, so you will not have to worry about this at the moment.

Question 5: About the player's wages/salaries: are they being paid weekly or monthly or per tournament? Will the token paid be burnt?

The current version does not back up this function. Season 1 of RiFi United can be considered a Play2Earn-able Beta Test Version, where early fans get to try out, send feedback about, and contribute to the ongoing growth of the game, all the while having a blast and acquiring profits for themselves.

If you believe adding the “player’s wage adjustment” option will enhance your gaming experience, please feel free to let our team know via our social media channels:

— — — — — -

We hope what has been answered above could satisfy you. And don’t forget that RIFI United season 1 will close at the end of April 2022. Top 10 will be ranked and announced when we close season 1 and rewarded with stable coins. Join now at our mainnet: http://rifiunited.io.



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