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Strategic Investment: X21 Ventures Invests in Rikkei Finance

We are proud to announce that x21 Digital, a leading blockchain advisory and investment firm, has made a strategic investment in Rikkei Finance.

The strategic investment signifies trust in the vision and capabilities of Rikkei Finance as it continues to march forward in its mission of becoming the ultimate lending solution. This investment will actively support the early-stage development of the project and enhance and expedite new ventures and progress in marketing and development initiatives.

“Rikkei Finance is worthy of investing in. The project qualifies every single element, from their product development to the team behind. When the RiFi team presented this project to me, they were extremely precise about their words and commitments, which convinced me that we are worth the risk.”

Backed by a rich experience and an equally exceptional portfolio, x21 Digital will assist Rikkei Finance in gaining the necessary information and skills to further our mission of revolutionizing DeFi operations and enhancing the DeFi user experience.

About x21 Digital

x21 Digital is a Blockchain Advisory and Investment firm dedicated to helping mainly blockchain startups accelerate their growth and exposure in the industry. They are focussed on giving the most optimal strategic advice and guidance, to shortcut our clients and partners’ path to success.

About Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a decentralized revolutionary DeFi protocol developed to offer solutions for four major DeFi limitations. Rikkei Finance is a unique Open Lending System with core features: Cross-chain support, NFTs collateralization, and Insurance.

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Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance

Rikkei Finance is a Web3 platform, encompassing a DeFi lending protocol and an NFT Marketplace; with a focus on NFT rentals and NFT based lending and borrowing.