Letter from RLC President Deborah White

We are pleased to announce that the Retail Litigation Center (RLC) just filed its 100th amicus brief! The RLC was founded in 2010 to serve as the voice of the retail industry in the judicial branch. Our industry deserves policy representation across all three branches of government — legislative, executive and judicial. In our ongoing effort to help courts understand the retail community and the issues of greatest importance to it, we have filed briefs of our own, led retail and business coalition briefs, and lent the retail industry’s voice to the amicus briefs of other significant organizations. Collectively, these efforts now total 100 briefs filed.

In our 100th brief, the RLC supported the petition for certiorari filed by Macy’s in Macy’s v. NLRB. Our brief asks the U.S. Supreme Court to review the Fifth Circuit’s decision to affirm the National Labor Relations Board’s (NLRB’s) determination that a “microunion” of cosmetics employees in a store was appropriate for bargaining purposes, even though the majority of employees in the same store voted against the union when the union tried to organize the store as a whole. The RLC’s brief explains the importance of the longstanding presumption that the “whole store” is the appropriate bargaining unit in the retail context as well as the harm that will be caused to retail employees, customers and retail companies if the NLRB’s ruling is allowed to stand.

This brief is just one of the 100 examples (and counting!) of how the RLC informs courts about the retail industry’s perspectives on significant legal issues and highlights the potential industry-wide impact of pending cases. If you’d like to look back at some of our other efforts, a full list of our briefs can be found here.

The Retail Litigation Center is grateful for the support that it has received from its board of directors (past and present), as well as its retail members and its law firm members — the RLC could not have reached this milestone without the strong support we received from this community.

We look forward to continuing our ongoing efforts, even as we launch new initiatives to strengthen our participation in the judicial process. Stay tuned for more information about our future endeavors and please join our community if you are not yet a member!

Deborah White
Retail Litigation Center
“The voice of retail in the judicial branch — 100 briefs strong.”

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