Survive the Retail Disruption with a “Living Business”

Matthew Rubin, a retail strategy executive at Accenture, believes retail companies should stop using 20th-century thinking and outdated business models if they want to achieve or sustain their success in today’s disrupted marketplace. In fact, he advises retailers to redesign their businesses with the values and practices of the 21st century by focusing on technology, people and design.

Join Rubin as he shares his ideas at a general session, “Redesigning Retail: Creating a Living Business,” at the Retail Asset Protection Conference 2017, Hyatt Regency New Orleans, April 9–12, 2017.

His talk will focus on building a “living business.” Rubin believes that creating a sustainable living business consists of more than just implementing the latest technology; it also includes carefully coordinated plans that put people and design at the center of the process. He encourages retailers to embrace the idea that people are at the heart of their organizations and that their needs, pains and happiness should be considered at every stage of the transformation.

During this session, Rubin will bring these thoughts and ideas to life by sharing proprietary research, introducing concrete examples and leaving the audience with practical next steps.

Rubin has over 15 years of retail and consumer goods experience and he currently advises C-level executives in business strategy. He has also worked with mass retailers as a subject matter expert; as chairmen, CEO and global president advisor of a luxury food retailer; and helped to lead change at other retail organizations, such as luxury goods and pharmacy.

Register for the Retail Asset Protection Conference 2017 today and make sure to attend Rubin’s general session, “Redesigning Retail: Creating a Living Business,” on Wednesday, April 12, 8:00 a.m.– 9:00 a.m.

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