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The Best Script for Texting Leads

Over the past year at Riley we’ve had the opportunity to work with agents across many markets and collect data on which scripts work best with leads. To give you background, Riley is a text message service for real estate agents that engages with your leads 24/7 within 2 minutes. 100% human powered. We found that many agents pay thousands of dollars for online lead generation but aren’t able to respond to each lead quickly and with context.

Text message has quickly become a popular way for agents to communicate with leads, since almost all lead generation platforms require consumers to input their phone number. Further, leads that we interact with feel comfortable texting us about what they’re looking for in their next home — the same goes for people looking to sell or rent a property.

Example of a Zillow lead engaged by our Concierges at 2am!

Our research has found that auto-responders achieve fast response time to leads, but fail to address the lead’s inquiry in the first text message. The text message comes off as very robotic and impersonal.

If a lead asks, for example,

Here’s an example of a bad first text message:

This text doesn’t include the lead’s name, completely ignores the question that they asked, and fails to engage with the lead at the most important time: now. If the lead is looking for properties online, “a good time” would be immediately.

Let’s do another one. Here’s a second example of a bad text:

This is better. It includes the lead’s name and has the agent’s name. However, what about the addressing the HOA feeds and referring to the property address? And to repeat the point, the lead would most likely willing to engage right away, so no need to wait for a good time to call.

Having read those examples, we’ll show you a greeting we highly recommend. In responding to just under 100k leads, we’ve found a text with a 70% engagement rate and we’d like to share it with you today. Here it is:

What makes this text message so good? First, it address the lead by name. Second, it includes the property address of the lead. And last but not least, it uses an emoji. Most real estate agents aren’t using emoji’s in their texts to leads, and it comes off as friendly, human, and personalized.

Here’s the full script that we use to engage with leads.

So how did we achieve a 70% engagement rate? We did what autoresponders can’t: we addressed the lead’s inquiry in the greeting.

How does it work in a conversation? Here’s a real example (details changed for privacy):

And that’s all there is to it. If you want leads increase your engagement rate, you need to 1) use the lead’s name in the greeting 2) address the inquiry 3) use an emoji when appropriate.

Use it in your text conversations today!



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