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Regenerative Agriculture, a Lever Towards Net Positive”

Alice Legrix de la Salle, Impact & Regenerative Financing, AXA Climate

How would you define regenerative agriculture?

What are the causes and consequences of soil degradation?

When did we start talking about regenerative agriculture?

Is it a global reflection or are there first movers?

What are the social and economical impacts of regenerative agriculture?

Why should we invest in regenerative agriculture?

Why should we invest now?

How do we finance this transition and what are some of the challenges faced?

One of the biggest hurdles to investments in sustainable agriculture is the lack of structure and the decentralization of our agricultural systems. Today, for example, it is much simpler to invest in renewable energies than sustainable agriculture. From an impact point of view, a challenge of the agricultural transition is the interdependence of its stakeholders. To transition towards a more sustainable food system, all stakeholders need to move at the same time.

Interested in RegenAg? You must watch “Kiss the ground”



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