Ring Mission, Venture Capital for impact by design

Nicolas Celier
Apr 5 · 2 min read

Today is a big day as Ring is announcing the creation of a new investment fund which will contribute to Ring’s mission: to empower tech entrepreneurs to build a better tomorrow where performance and sustainability coexist.

I could try and explain in my own words what is at stake here but the more efficient way is to share with you the Ring Mission manifesto :

A powerful wave of entrepreneurs believe they can change the world for the better. They know that responsibility isn’t just a trend. It’s what the world craves. It’s what citizens demand, as consumers, as workers, as entrepreneurs.

They want to shake up the status quo and take real action with tangible, high-impact solutions.

With sustainability at the heart of their business and innovation as their driver, these entrepreneurs are finding new solutions to combat major social and environmental issues, from climate change and diversity to social inclusion.

The strategies they conceive, the products they craft, the services they render — it’s all part of an ambitious action plan to build long-term positive change. And they have the ability to do it at scale with a global reach and a skill for tackling major issues.

This new wave of entrepreneurs requires a new kind of investor: a partner that shares their values, embraces their vision, and can guide them effectively in their objectives of financial performance and impact.

That’s why we created Ring Mission.

More than a fund, Ring Mission is an impact-investment framework that identifies, finances and enables these entrepreneurs and companies. It helps to accelerate and intensify their ability to tackle today’s challenges while creating economic value.

Ring Mission is a fund for progress. Its goals are built on impact performance as well as business performance. And so are its incentives.

And it’s an integral part of the Ring Orbit, an investment ecosystem that unites like-minded talents, from business specialists and marketers to researchers and beyond — all working together to make a difference.

Join our mission.

And for those who prefer images to words, I suggest you watch our video:

Ring Capital

Enter the orbit.

Ring Capital

Empower tech entrepreneurs to build a better tomorrow, where business performance and sustainability coexist.

Nicolas Celier

Written by

French VC, co-founder @ringcapital - board member @FranceDigitale - @simplon ex-partner @alvencap#startup #VC #Tech4Good #ESS #HEC

Ring Capital

Empower tech entrepreneurs to build a better tomorrow, where business performance and sustainability coexist.

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