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Nov 8 · 3 min read
“Our goal:hire people who reflect our country” Guillaume Gibault, Founder Le Slip Français

“Our goal: hire people who reflect our country” This common-sense sentence, pronounced by Guillaume Gibault, founder & CEO of Le Slip français, during the first afterwork organized by the #TechYourPlace movement, would undoubtedly deserve to be posted in all the offices of the start-up nation. Before becoming reality, this mantra reveals quite well the ambition of #TechYourPlace, co-founded by Diversidays and the Mozaik Foundation, which we are proud to have joined.

Building a bridge between diversity talents and tech startups for greater inclusion: the ambition of #TechYourPlace

Started last December, the #TechYourPlace movement seeks to offer concrete solutions to tech startups so that they can recruit more diverse profiles.

This is no small task: according to a survey conducted in 2020, 80% of startups do not have formalized diversity and inclusion strategies. While the famous issue of gender equality is most often mentioned, the place of disability or visible minority talent is less often discussed.

Over the past several months, many initiatives have emerged to try to reduce the gap: Sista, the European label Diversity VC, etc. as well as associated events such as the French Tech Summit — Diversity Inclusion Belonging in November 2020 which federated no less than 11 entities including the Diversidays movement, created by Anthony Babkine and Mounira Hamdi.

In this promising dynamic, #TechYourPlace relies on several axes to multiply its impact:

> the diversifiezvostalents.com platform offers startups the opportunity to recruit pre-selected talent based on soft skills such as personality and motivation;

> HR managers and recruiters can learn how to be more inclusive in their teams thanks to the contributions of inclusive recruiters from the tech ecosystem.

> An access to the Mixity platform which allows to measure, pilot and promote inclusion and diversity. Led by Dominique Crochu, co-founder of Mixity, organizations can work towards a greater social footprint by analyzing several aspects: disability, multi-generational, gender, multicultural and LGBT+.

> A partnership with the #Meandyoutoo app to allow companies doing their own diagnostic when it comes to helping them turn into inclusive and collaborative teams.

> Monthly webinars & job dating to reinforce awareness and not only give people hope but job offers to seize!

Investment funds have their role to play

Let’s be honest, we are not the best students. In 2020, only 9% of all funds deployed to technology startups went to founding teams that included at least one woman. Solo woman founders and all-women teams raised just 2% of all VC dollars according to Crunchbase data.Whatever the reason for this cruel gap, it is time to act differently, not only from a moral point of view but also from an economic perspective.

Here too, things are starting to change. Supported by 12 top-tier funds and hundreds of ecosystem players, the Included VC initiative was created to add diversity to venture capital by offering an alternative to the traditional MBA.

The second Fellowship program brought together no less than 25 different nationalities, as well as people with disabilities, from LGTBQIA+ communities, etc. To date, 12 international venture capital funds are collaborating with Included VC. This partnership ‘enable the next generation of investors, opening doors to those who may not otherwise have had access, supporting the discovery and development of global talent’.

In France, few funds are positioned on this key issue. With Serena Capital, we are committed to moving the lines, not only in words but also in practice. By joining the movement, we aim to get as many of our portfolio companies to take action 💪🏻

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