John Wang
John Wang
Feb 19 · 6 min read

2018 was a big year for the RingCentral Developer Program. We want to thank everyone who has been using our platform and providing us feedback to improve and advance the service.

In the past year, we focused on a few major themes: enterprise API coverage, driving innovation and empowering the ecosystem. We also also expanded our community outreach and the events we attended. The end result was many more successful developers and apps on our platform, and 2 industry awards for the Best Communications API from API World and the Best Public API by Nordic APIs. We couldn’t have done it without you so a big thanks goes out to all of our developers!

The following is a brief summary of our program highlights:

  • 55 New APIs
  • 48 Blog Articles
  • 23 Developer Events
  • 19 Tutorials
  • 5 Example Integrations
  • 3 Embeddable Hooks
  • 3 Major Portal and App Gallery Updates
  • 2 Industry Awards

Of note, late last year we introduced our Call Control API which is currently in beta for feedback. This API allows you to control calls (e.g. forward, hold, mute, record, etc.) that terminate on any endpoint, including desk and mobile phones. We are excited about this API so please give it a try and tell us what you think. Read more about this here:

Below are some more details. And of course, please reach out to us if you have any questions or requests!

New Integrated API Reference and API Explorer.


APIs are the core of our Platform and in 2018, we introduced 55 new APIs to empower our Office and Glip customers including the following:

  1. SCIM 2.0 User Provisioning APIs (8): provision users into RingCentral and Glip using the industry standard Simple Cross-Identity Management API (Reference, Blog)
  2. Office Active Call Control API (12): control any RingCentral call, no matter the endpoint including WebRTC, softphone, hardphone and mobile phone end points. (Reference, Blog)
  3. Office International SMS API: send and receive SMS to International numbers. (Reference, Knowledgebase)
  4. Office Call Monitoring Group Management APIs (6): create and manage call monitoring groups to automate large-scale supervision use cases, especially for AI-based automated supervision. (Reference)
  5. Office Paging Group Management APIs (3): Update paging group configurations to drive programmatic deployment of large-scale paging location use cases such as on warehouse or store floors. (Reference)
  6. Office Message Exports APIs (4): create bulk message exports for archiving and compliance use cases. (Reference, Blog)
  7. Office Retention Management API (2): configure RingCentral to automatically delete your data after a certain page using a retention period from 7–90 days (Reference, Blog)
  8. Glip Calendar Events APIs (7): create and manage Glip calendar events (Reference, Blog)
  9. Glip Notes APIs (10): create and manage Glip notes (Reference, Blog)
  10. Glip Compliance Exports API (3): export data from RingCentral Glip team chat for compliance and analytics (Reference, Blog)
  11. Permanent Webhooks: support for webhooks that don’t expire as long as your service is operational
Easy to use integration via the RingCentral Embeddable widget.


  1. RingCentral Embeddable: adding communications to your favorite app shouldn’t be complicated — with RingCentral Embeddable and one line of HTML code you can now add a customizable, fully functional phone to any HTML or Java application (Widget)


  1. Embeddable Hooks (3) for Calendar, Contacts, and Call Log: support adding of custom calendars for meeting invites with Office 365 example (Blog)
  2. Embeddable Extension Factory: easily build RingCentral communications into any web app with our Embeddable widget, even when you cannot update the webpage directly. (GitHub)
  3. Example Embeddable Extension Integrations (4): HubSpot, Insightly, Pipedrive, and Redtail CRM.
Brand new website with enhanced navigation.

Developer Experience

  1. Brand New Developer Homepage & Navigation: We completely refreshed our home page and navigation to make it even easier to find exactly what you’re looking for, while focusing on our favorite thing — the amazing RingCentral Community
  2. Combined API Reference + Explorer: We launched a new combined API Reference and Explorer so getting info on APIs and trying them out can be done in one place. See more here:
  3. Quickstart Wizard: Guided experience to get you started with the Developer Program after logging in.
  4. Roles & Permissions: Ability to apply fine-grained access control to applications with read and read-write access to people in your organization.
  5. Community: Just in case we didn’t mention it before, we added a central page highlighting the amazing RingCentral Community as well as upcoming Developer Events.

App Gallery

  1. New App Gallery Pages: We updated the look and feel of our pages and also expanded the content to support separate pages for Overview, Installation and Support. See more here:
  2. Lead Forms: accept and receive information from interested users for our Premier Partners. Learn more here:
Kicking off the Coder Cruise conference!


We believe in giving back — whether it’s supporting local community meetups and conferences, sharing the lessons we’ve learned, or just getting together and having a good time. With RingCentral Developers participating in 23 events in 2018 (and speaking at 15 of them!) we helped bring together 6,000 developers (and provided free video recording for over 100 talks!!!).

Here are just some of our favorite events from 2018:

  1. ConnectCentral 2018 — our own Communications Conference (Blog)
  2. CoderCruise 2018 — our developer conference, on a cruise ship (Blog)
  3. php[tek] 2018 — where we hung out with awesome PHP developers
  4. API World — where we shared important learnings from our API
  5. API Strategy & Design — where we talked about best API practices
  6. BADCamp — helping bring communications to one of the most popular CMS frameworks

Oh before we forget — registration for CoderCruise 2019 is now open. Don’t miss the chance to join us for fun, sessions, and 5 days at sea!

Industry recognition for having the Best API!


With all the work done by our team and feedback provided by our developers, we were honored to receive two API awards from API World (the world’s largest API Conference) and Nordic APIs! Needless to say (but we’re going to say it anyways) none of this would have been possible without the dedication and support of our amazing customers and every developer using the RingCentral API.

  1. API World 2018 Best Communications API Award (Blog)
  2. Nordic APIs 2018 Best Public API Award (Blog)

With that it’s time to close the books on 2018, but before we do — we just wanted to say thank you to our amazing RingCentral Developers Community one more time! And rest assured (it’s an API pun), even more great things are coming in 2019!!!

So what are you waiting for: Sign in, give our new features a try, and help us revolutionize the way the world communicates!

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John Wang

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John Wang

Sr. Director of Platform Products for @RingCentral with a focus on improving life through innovative products and software

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