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Apr 3 · 3 min read

August 19–23 • All-inclusive Tickets start at $435/ person

CoderCruise 2018 was full of surprises, relaxation, and sessions — in fact it was so much fun we not only couldn’t wait to do it again, but are doubling down this year with even more sessions (24 in person and 200+ virtual sessions available on-demand), even more fun (check out the family activities), and even more surprises (product announcements, hands on demos, and more that we can’t even mention just yet!!!).

“I really enjoyed this format of a conference, yes its a cruise ship you’re bound to have fun, but for me it was the opportunity to really connect with others from around the globe.” — Brian Childress

This year we’ll be boarding the Carnival Liberty on our way from Port Canaveral (Orlando, FL) as we sail to Nassau and the Princess Cays. We’ll kick off the 4 days at sea with a very special opening reception (party at sea!), followed by three days of sessions, workshops, 1:1 support sessions, testing and certification, excursions, and family activities — before arriving back in Florida with a new understanding of technologies, new friends, and memories for a lifetime.

Why Should I Come?

Expert Led Sessions
If jumping ship to sail the seven seas isn’t a good answer (ok, it’s just the Bahamas), then maybe talks from the industry’s top speakers and companies is. Join your friendly crew from RingCentral, as well as speakers from Google, Okta, Amazon, Comcast, CapitalOne, and many others.

Plus you’ll also have access to our digital library of virtual sessions, featuring over 200 developer centric talks by today’s top experts as tackle everything from AI to security to performance to GDPR.

“Been to a couple conferences by now and this was the first one on a cruise!! It was an amazing experience!!! If you didn’t make it this year hope to see you on it next year!” — Tanja Hoefler

The Latest on Communications from RingCentral
Beyond 18 general sessions, join us for 6 communications specific sessions — learn about new changes and regulations that will affect your application’s use of SMS and voice (potentially costing you tons of money). Get the inside scoop on what’s new with RingCentral’s APIs, and grab 1:1 time with any of our experts to understand not only how you can move communications into the cloud — but actually have FULL CONTROL over the way you communicate, garnering new insights that will help your company better #WorkAsOne, and save money in the process.

Make Memories that Matter
Being at a conference usually means time away from the family. CoderCruise is designed to include the entire family — with time for sessions and learning, time for 1:1 meetings, time to get work done — and time to spend with the family on the white beaches of the Princess Cays, or while touring the cities of Nassau, or taking on virtual monsters in the ship’s arcade. In fact, there are several family activities onboard suitable for all ages (from alone time for the adults, to a Dr. Seuss adventure for the kids).

“I just wanted to share some of my pictures from CoderCruise 2018! It was awesome! For those who have not yet been to this conference, waste no time! It is totally worth it.” — Ravi Gehlot

So What Are You Waiting For?!

Tickets are on sale now — and the longer you wait the more expensive they get (it is a cruise after all). Plus your ticket (starting at $435/person) includes the cost of the cruise, meals, taxes, gratuities, port fees, and your conference ticket! That’s cheaper than most conferences held at hotels!

Check out our CoderCruise landing page and register today!

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RingCentral Developers

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