John Wang
John Wang
Dec 27, 2017 · 3 min read

There’s still time to build or port your chatbot to RingCentral SMS or Glip team messaging to compete for $10,000 in prizes. Here’s a quick overview:

Main Requirement: Build a chatbot for SMS or RingCentral Glip chat software using at least one RingCentral API.

You may build a chatbot from scratch or port your existing messaging, virtual assistant, customer service, or e-commercial bots from other frameworks to support the RingCentral Glip bot framework as long as it also uses at least one RingCentral API.

Prizes include:

  • $5,000 first prize
  • $3,000 second prize
  • $2,000 third prize
  • Large organization recognition award

International teams are welcome to participate. Please see rules and registration for the online hackathon here: RingCentral Bots Challenge

Vital Info

Getting Started with Bots for RingCentral

You can connect to RingCentral Glip using our APIs or using our bot framework adapters:

  • Glip Bots: chat bots that use the Glip team messaging solution
  • SMS Bots: chat bots that connect to users over SMS texting

Glip Bots

The primary chat bot APIs for bots include:

If you are using one of the more popular bot frameworks, there may be a pre-built bot adapter that you can use:

Tutorials include the following:

Also don’t forget to use Post Attachments to format your Glip messages:

SMS Bots

The primary APIs to build SMS bots include:

If you are using the Lita bot framework, you can get a leg up using the following bot adapters:

Join the Fun!

Start creating your chat bots for your teams and the hackathon:

RingCentral Developers

Cloud Business Communications

John Wang

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John Wang

Sr. Director of Platform Products for @RingCentral with a focus on improving life through innovative products and software

RingCentral Developers

Cloud Business Communications

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