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TrustNote Bi-Weekly Update (Week 27~28)

Hello, community! 2 weeks flew by quickly and I am glad to see you all again!

I am afraid this report is going to be a long one, as there are so many great news I’d like to share with you. As always, our diligent developers and talented community members were busy in the past 2 weeks and of course, it came with so many great achievements. Now, please allow me to give you the update and hope you share the joy we have!

Software development is always our top priority!

Main Chain

  • Following our road-map closely, after the fruitful pre-research including completed the work breakdown and risk analysis for the development of Proof-of-Work based consensus scheme, our developers kick started the very project to implement the Proof-of-Work based 2-tier consensus starting this month. Right now, we are working on designing the data structures and building blocks, the developers’ estimation is that the first minable TrustNote test-net will be released in Q3 this year, which means the original plan of having a beta release on Q4 is on target. This is going to be a big milestone for the TrustNote community, we are all looking forward to this day.
Illustration of the underlying mechanism of TrustME-PoW
  • More optimizations were integrated into the main-net, including: Improved the algorithm of advancing the stable main chain (MC) unit on the MC; Refined the way to verify the attestation unit; Adjusted the unit fees, how to calculate and distribute the coinbase (attestation rewards); And improved the security when switching between consensus rounds.
  • Developers fixed the slow query performance issue when the amount of data saved on the TrustNote network reaches a certain level, the optimized data structures were integrated and went alive quite well.

Developers Network

  • As promised, the Beta release of TrustNote Developers Network was launched in early July, several wallet and iToken localization tasks have been claimed by the lovely volunteers from the community, tasks like Turkish and Indonesian translation of TrustNote wallet were finished very quickly and were submitted into GitHub by volunteers, we felt the enthusiasm and eagerness to help from the community are so strong!
  • To better serve the needs of increased technical communications with the community, we have opened up 2 new channels recently, including the bug report and issue tracking portal at GitHub, and the technical discussion forum at Reddit, if you find any bug or want to make a new feature suggestion, or you have any technical questions with any part of the TrustNote technology, please feel free to post there, our developers will always be there to help! The official developer network will be ready by close of July, and we will keep updating its contents including SDK and Tools, sample code, tutorials and documentations from there!
  • A quick glance of TrustNote Developers Network website is as follows:


To get better integration with the iToken platform and bring more consistent user experience, we added a few new features to the TrustNote Wallet, for example:

  • Now users can open wallet from iToken by simply scanning the QR code.
  • Transfer tokens via QR code and bulk transfer are both supported.
  • The wallet supports Turkish and Indonesian language now! Big thanks to Caner Sevince, who did the Turkish translation, Sait Dogan Etiler, who did the proofreading for Turkish translation, and IYOES, who did the Indonesian translation! We are very grateful for your kind help, and we believe with helps like yours, we are moving one step closer to the goal that everyone can participate, all things can be tokenized, transactions can be conducted on a truly decentralized network. We believe in this way, everyone can have their own digital assets and gain corresponding rewards through value exchange, allowing new innovative ideas to run smoothly and flourish on the blockchain, making the use of blockchain a lifestyle.

You can find the latest wallet from TrustNote official website or get it from our Github release folder directly. German and Japanese versions are also coming soon, so exciting!

Our Community Activities

TrustNote Attended 2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference Tokyo Session

On July 4th and July 5th, as one of the TOP sponsors, TrustNote attended the ‘2018 TokenSky Blockchain Conference Tokyo Session’, arguably the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency event in Asia, with an impressive attendance 5,000+ blockchain technology enthusiasts.

Jeff Zhou, founder of TrustNote presented the idea behind why TrustNote combines proof-of-work with DAG ledger structure all together. Jeff also officially announced the global release of iToken.top, the open source smart token platform powered by TrustNote.

Jeff Zhou, Founder of TrustNote @ TokenSky Tokyo 2018

Jeff’s speech attracted a great deal of interests from TokenSky, so many attendees came to our booth, Jeff was even surrounded by Journalists with all sorts of questions for more than an hour!

Jeff answering questions from Journalists

After the TokenSky conference, the team held our first meetup in Tokyo. The meetup went so well, the fans in Japan showed great passion on TrustNote, they raised lots of interesting questions to the TrustNote team and also brought valuable suggestions to us, a lot of them are so happy to experience how their first personnel tokens were created, transferred, and used! We appreciate all the attentions and supports from our Japanese friends, we promise we will see you again very soon!

TTT will soon be listed on Bibox Exchange

If you follower us from Twitter, you may already knew TTT will be listed on Bibox soon. YES! With great support from our backers, TTT got voted with number 2 position in the list vote with 547,333 votes from 3,103 supporters. Thank you all for your support!

Right now we are working closely with Bibox to get our token listed on their exchange, because TTT is not one of those ERC-20 tokens, it will take a little longer for the technical integration but don’t worry, we will get it done very quickly and we’ll keep you informed from @TrustNote, our official Twitter account!

Media Reports

Does any of you know Joel Comm or Travis Wright? If yes, I guess you must have heard of Bad Crypto Podcast! TrustNote was featured on the July 11st episode Takin’ Tokens show. For those who are interested, you are welcomed to listen how Joel and Travis talked about TrustNote on their Bad Crypto Podcast.

What is Coming Next?

In order to thank everyone’s long-term support, we are going to launch an innovative service from TrustNote Wallet called “TTT High Interest Saver”, any TrustNote Wallet users who choose a term and take a deposit will enjoy a high interest of 8~20% APR depending the term he/she choose. More details will be announced soon, stay tuned!

We always take notes of your feedback, so please don’t be shy and just tell us where and how we can improve by leaving your comments below.

To learn more about TrustNote’s development progress, existing and upcoming news, stay tuned here, or join us on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Reddit, or Linkedin!



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