Nine (9) Traits of a Great Professional

For years I have been searching … what makes a great professional, aside from the vast knowledge/expertise in his/her subject domain?

Then it strikes me when a well-respected blockchain lawyer in Canada gave my boy valuable tips on “how to become a great lawyer”.

She said it is not important to memorize all the laws as they are changing all the time. Most importantly is to do research and know how to think.

To me that means attitude drives aptitude. In another word our thinking leads to the outcome of our deliverables. I found this applies to software development too. Technology is changing all the time; it is important to know how to choose the right technology and apply it rightly.

The following table outlines and contrasts our view of the traits of a great professional vs the counterpart. The first few are inspired by the lawyer mentioned, the last few are quotes from a former Commissioner of a provincial securities commission, the rest are extracts from our internal policy statements.


The world is full of trade-offs; no one can show up at two locations at the same time. Please be reminded that not all of the traits blend well with relationship. When it comes to friendship or dating, everyone wants full attention. May I say logic is great when we are in business but we should take it easy and speak from our hearts when it comes to relationship building.

Have fun balancing what we want to achieve in life. 😊