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Rintagi Low-Code Generated ReactJS Applications: The Future is Reactive

Building full-fledged, reactive mission-critical applications from scratch require a lot of effort, time and multi-talented technical resources.

Rintagi, the open-source low-code development platform from Robocoder, empowers anyone to quickly create CRUD screens with built-in user permission management, easily deploy-able to web and on-premises without writing a single line of code. Additionally, it enables users with basic technical skills the flexibility to customize their applications to suit unique business requirements, by implementing custom business rules in industry standard code.

The team at Robocoder realized that in today’s fast-paced digital world, it is important to empower developers with tools and smart technology that can ultimately increase efficiency and boost productivity — all the while ensuring that applications developed can be rejuvenated to stand the test of time.

With this in mind, the Rintagi platform now offers developers the ability to generate a superior ‘React’ experience within just minutes for new and existing screens and modules; resulting in engaging, responsive, mobile-first user interfaces within minutes (with built in PWA), while also having full access to desktop-centric asp.net web interfaces for complex interactions.

Create React screens with one-click deployment

Rintagi utilizes the ReactJS framework combined with the ease, speed, and efficiency of low-code development to build data-rich interfaces that adapt to changes in real-time for superior user experience. Teams developing applications using Rintagi develop once to generate both mobile-first and native web experiences effectively closing the gap between mobile and web development. This allows future proof applications to get ready-to-market faster while being built on top of industry-standard architecture and best practices — no lock in.

Responsive mobile-first experience for all your generated screens

Start your custom project today!

Read our user guide for detailed instructions on installation and watch our training videos. Join our community to ask any questions you may have.

Rintagi is an open-source low-code development platform for deploying mission-critical applications built by Robocoder Corporation. Since 1999, Robocoder Corporation has used Rintagi to develop and maintain mission-critical database applications for reputable companies, spanning multiple industries.



The only #lowcode development platform with limitless extension and rejuvenation.

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